DutchCare Mission
To enable Elders to have comfortable, enjoyable, dignified and meaningful lives.

DutchCare Ethos
Enabling you to live in your world, providing services that suit your culture, spirituality and language
The DutchCare Vision
To continue leading aged care through:
Providing quality services in your home or ours
Planned growth coupled with sustained financial viability
Nurturing our people through evolving our highly competent staff and volunteers
Actively promoting diversity of cultures
Informed advice and influence on industry direction and government
Good governance.

Our Values

Trust    We believe in the mutual expectation of acceptance,
respect and fair treatment.
Empowerment      We will provide each other with the means and
knowledge to make our own decisions and we will have confidence and trust in each other.
Flexibility We accept the need for change to adapt to different
conditions and circumstances as they occur;
Harmony We encourage staff, Elders and family to work
together to build meaningful relationships.
Empathy We recognise the power of understanding, and
imaginatively stepping into another person’s shoes;
we acknowledge their feelings towards an object or
person and in doing so share their happiness or sadness.