Help Us

DutchCare wouldn’t be the organization that it is today without the support from the Dutch community and its affiliates.  DutchCare is supported by committed Staff, Volunteers and others in our community who share our vision of supporting the elderly Dutch. The help we receive enables our elders to live in a place that is culturally appropriate for them and makes it their home!

How can you help DutchCare?

Volunteering brings with it a satisfaction and an acknowledgement that you are offering of yourself, willingly, to help support a good cause in the community.  DutchCare’s Volunteers play a large part in the services we offer to our elders and wouldn’t be able to do the work we do with out their support and you too can be part of that journey.

The donations that we receive, serve to help DutchCare provide the services needed to our elders. Any donation is welcomed and tax deductible and is used for a good cause in looking after our Dutch elders. A donation can be a one off or you can become a regular donor if you wish to.  Donations can be in kind as well, we have in the past received donations of furnishings, tvs, play equipment, tulips, …..

Bequests are another way in which you can help. A Bequest is a gift made through a will and it helps DutchCare to continue to provide the needed services to our elders into the future.