Deeming Fund


A deeming exempt deposit fund is available at DutchCare. Money placed with this fund is granted full exemption from deeming by the Minister for Social Security. This fund allows you to quarantine the proceeds of the sale of your home or other assets to ensure full or near-full pension entitlements can be retained.

Contributions to the deeming fund are completely voluntary, are at your discretion and can be withdrawn at any time. These funds are seen as interest-free loans, as any interest paid to you would be assessed as income for inclusion in the pensioner’s income test.

The interest on Fund money is used by DutchCare to assist in capital works including upgrading Homes and equipment, and purchase of land and buildings for the benefit of the DutchCare community. The money in the DutchCare Ltd Deeming Exemption Fund is held in a separate bank account. Your money is completely safe and available to you with 10 days notice.