Home Care

If your home is the place you want to be

Through an ever growing range of Home Care services, we help you maintain your independence at home. It could be anything from a tailor-made care package to engaging in social activities. To help you identify which services would best suit your needs, we offer extensive support. We always start with looking at what you are able to do, rather than what you may need assistance with. Our care and support will be shaped by your needs and your wishes.

Home Care Packages

These Government packages are to assist people to remain living at home and to enable people to have choice and flexibility in the way that aged care and support is provided at home.

Consumer Directed Care – CDC – is a recent Government change which provides more flexibility with your Home Care Package.  You can choose the level of support that best suits you.  You can also design the services to fit with your life guided by the budget determined by the Australian Government.  We are here to support you as you choose to live in your own home and be part of your community.

Together with DutchCare you can identify the best level of service and programs for you.

What is a Budget?

Your budget is the amount of money available for your CDC Home Care package.  It states the funds provided by the Australian Government and may include a co-contribution from you.  This money is used to meet your goals and care needs.  It lists income and planned expenditure and also includes an amount for contingencies such as emergencies and unplanned services.

A personalised budget will help you select those services which will help you stay living in the community.

Your individual statement of spending is provided to you on a monthly basis and will show how much money you have spent for the month and how this was spent.

How does a Consumer Directed Care package work?

You can phone DutchCare and ask to speak with the Home Care Service Coordinator.  An appointment will be made for a Case Manager to visit you at home.

Together with the Case Manager you will decide which services best suit you.  These services will be listed in your care plan. The plan will also include your goals.  For example, you may want help with your home such as cleaning, gardening or basic maintenance.  You may want help with obtaining and using aids.  You may also want to remain connected with your local community and explore new interests.  Your Case Manager will work with you to identify your priorities.

DutchCare after hours

DutchCare After Hours Service operates from 5.00 pm through to 9.00 am the following day and 24 hours per day on weekends and public holidays.