Friendly Visiting & Telelink

These programs assist those who live independently by bringing them into contact with volunteers who share their language and background.

Friendly Visiting

Friendly Visiting involves regular one-on-one visits to your home by our dedicated volunteers who will share your interests and hobbies. This makes the experience valuable and rewarding for both. Together you may take up a hobby, play games or listen to music – it is completely up to you. Visits can be arranged throughout Victoria. 


Telelink invites you to participate in group discussions on the telephone. A group normally consists of about 10 people, living throughout Victoria and who identify with the Dutch culture. Each discussion takes one hour and various topics are discussed such as the current news, books and hobbies. The sessions are fully organised and coordinated by a team leader at a pre-arranged time. There are two scheduled sessions per week and groups run initially for eight weeks. By the end of this period, people have usually established friendships and feel a sense of belonging and wish to continue with the program.

The Telelink and Friendly Visiting programs are supported by financial assistance from the Australian and Victorian Government any do not involve and costs. If you would like to participate in a group discussion or welcome a Friendly Visitor to your home, please contact DutchCare.