Community Visitors Scheme

This program is the perfect way to stay engaged with your community when you live in a Residential Aged Care Facility or when you are receiving Home Care Services. It is about establishing companionship in a comfortable environment.

A dedicated volunteer will visit you on a regular basis – at least once a fortnight. Together you may play games, read a book or just have a nice chat over a cup of coffee. Whatever the activity, a visit will always be rewarding, as you will be paired with someone who shares the same interests and hobbies or who comes from the same background.

Members of the management team of your Residential Aged Care Facility can refer you to the Community Visitors Scheme auspice in your area. DutchCare provides visitors for Elders who identify with the Dutch culture as well as those with other cultural backgrounds.

The Community Visitors Scheme is supported by financial assistance from the Australian Government and does not involve any costs. For further information, please contact DutchCare.