Eden Alternative™

The Eden Alternative™ is a powerful philosophy that is dedicated to improving the experience of ageing and disability. Based on 10 Principles, it recognises that most Elders suffer more from the three plagues of ageing; loneliness, boredom and helplessness. The Eden Alternative™ improves the wellbeing of Elders and those who care for them by transforming the communities in which they live and work.

At DutchCare, we embrace the Eden philosophy and are proud to be the first residential services in Australia and New Zealand to be endorsed in all 10 Principles. Pets, plants, children and families are part of everyday life in our residential Homes. Because staff care for the same Elders, they develop strong relationships with those in their care. We believe that when you get to know a person’s story, you can provide much better care.

Key to maintaining your independence is reducing boredom and helplessness. This is why we encourage you to make your own decisions and be involved in daily activities such as personal care, home or garden care, looking after the pets or joining the many activities that take place within our Homes and community. To fight loneliness our dedicated staff and volunteers organise regular activities that provide opportunities for Elders to socialise.